About Autism Bricks UK

We are a not-for-profit organisation run by autistic adults for autistic adults

Autism Bricks UK (ABUK) is a social enterprise supported by Specialist Autism Services, working exclusively for and with adults with autism.

Everybody at ABUK lives and breathes all things LEGO®. We sell new as well as preloved bricks, restoring them to their former glory so that people can continue to enjoy them.

All of our profits are either reinvested in the organisation, used to fund the support of and provide meaningful work experience opportunities to adults with autism.

We offer a range of LEGO® related services, whether you are looking to buy specific bricks, rent custom LEGO® sets or have a bespoke project in mind that you would like designed.

Why Pick Autism Bricks UK?

By purchasing through ABUK you are helping us to provide a significant benefit to adults with autism across Yorkshire:

  1. We reinvest all of our profits back in to the growth of ABUK to continue the positive work that we do
  2. Where possible we will use some of the money generated through ABUK to provide much needed in-house and community-based support for adults with autism
  3. As we grow we will be able to provide more and more meaningful work experience and paid job opportunities for adults with autism.

But Why LEGO®?

LEGO® therapy is increasingly used in the support of individuals with autism to develop a number of key social and communication skills. It was therefore a logical choice for the development of a social enterprise, given the inherent benefit the LEGO® system can provide to the individuals that we currently support.

You can find out more about the benefits of LEGO® therapy for individuals with autism by clicking here or get in touch to find out about our LEGO® therapy services.

Can You Help?

At Autism Bricks UK we are always looking for any LEGO® bricks to recycle and sell on for a good cause. If you would like to donate any LEGO® items that have been collecting dust please get in touch by clicking below.

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