Our Other Non-Profits

Specialist Autism Services

Autism Bricks UK is supported by Specialist Autism Services. Specialist Autism Services (formally known as Sacar) was established in 1999 in Bradford due to increasing demands from parents/carers of people with autism. We are a non-profit organisation that works for and with adults on the autism spectrum across Yorkshire, spreading autism awareness nationally. We make a positive difference to the lives of our members and through person-centred support we create opportunities for people to build confidence, develop social skills, increase independence and fulfil their potential. You can learn more about the work we do here:

Autism Gifts UK

Autism Gifts UK is another non-profit, social enterprise organisation supported by Specialist Autism Services. We started in September 2016 in response to a lack of meaningful opportunities for adults with autism to gain employment experience and permanent job roles. By selling great gifts we hope to continue to grow so that we can offer as much choice to our customers and the best provision for the individuals that we support. Our overall focus is on continuing to provide the best experience and service we can to our customers. You can visit the site by clicking the button below:

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