Custom Digital Design


3D Custom Models

At Autism Bricks UK we have a team of in-house designers that can take your name, company logo or any other image and turn it into a 3D custom LEGO® build. These work particularly well for company brands and names of your friends and family. The only real limit is your imagination.


The price for each project is entirely dependent on the size of the piece, the rareness of the coloured LEGO® bricks used and the amount of bricks needed.


Please contact us for a quote whether you would like a child’s name for a bedroom or a large corporate logo.

2D Custom Models

We can also produce two dimensional LEGO® mosaics such as the one shown to the left, created for the Lord Mayor of Leeds. These work particularly well for family portrait images, landscapes and other photos.


Mosaics can be made in various sizes starting from approximately 60cm x 60cm.


All we would need from you is the image you would like creating as well as the intended size of the finished product. You can email this image to us or get in touch to discuss your requirements further. We will then provide an estimated cost of the design that includes the building time and bricks.

Custom LEGO® sculptures


Custom made sculptures are also available to order upon request. Some examples of what we have made in the past for satisfied customers are shown below. Please take into consideration that these models take a lot of design time as well as building time, so these costs will be factored in.

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